VSK Series Video Survival Kits
SIRUI VSK-2 Video Survival Kit

Construct a slider for smooth tracking in your video sequences. Slider length:680mm with total tracking distance of 430mm
Adjust the wheels to track on your desired path.
Speed dampening wheels allow precise speed control.
SIRUI VSK-3 Video Survival Kit

Assemble the cage to maximize connectivity of monitors, microphones and other accessories.

Attach the handle to the cage assembly and instantly create a Lowboy for great low angle sequences.

For great stability and comfort while shooting, the shoulder rig assembly comes together quickly to meet your needs.
Model: Slider
Material: Alu/Carbon
Size: 863X198X111mm
Weigh: 2.0Kg/4.4lb
Load: 8Kg/17.6

Model: Table Dolly
Material: Aluminum
Size: 262X165X58mm
Weigh: 0.6Kg/1.3lb
Load: 12Kg/26.5lb
Model: Cage
Material: Alu/Carbon
Size: 326X203X295mm
Weigh: 1.2Kg/2.6lb
Load: 4Kg/8.8lb

Model: Lowboy
Material: Alu/Carbon
Size: 326X209X366mm
Weigh: 1.3Kg/2.9lb
Load: 4Kg/8.84lb

Model: Shoulder Rig
Material: Alu/Carbon
Size: 849X326X315mm
Weigh: 1.8Kg/4.0lb
Load: 4Kg/8.8lb
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